Corsair K70 Corsair K100 Razer Huntsman V2 Analogue Roccat TKL Pro Klawiatura Patriot Viper V765 RGB Kalih White Box (PV765MBWUXMGM) Steel Series
Key TypeCherry RedOPXAnalogue OpticalOptical Linear Titan SwitchKailh white box - linear mechanicalOmni Point Adjustable Actuation
Cable Removable from Keyboardynnynn
Dedicated Hardware Media Controls on Keyboardyyy - Volume Dial, Dial Button and 3 other ButtonsYes, but dedicated buttons are only: 1 button + Control Dial - So Limitedy - yes, but they are separated and frustrating to usey - Volume Dial that is not very sensitive, Configurable Dial Butto nand Media Button
Dedicated Macro KeysnynnnHonourable mention: While not "dedicated hardware media/macro controls" the dual function block of 6 buttons "Ins", "home", "Pg up", "Del.", "End" & "Pg Dn" are nicely arranged as a group just beneath the media controls and can be reconfigured to support the 2 dedicated Media buttons (e.g. They can be configured for "Move Media Playback Forwards" & "Move Media Playback Backwards" - Not as nice as the Razer's dedicated buttons, but still nice. - And also reconfigured to be dedicated Macro buttons in an easily distinguishable block. - Maybe not quite as nice as the Corsair K100 dedicated button block, but a close second
RGB Lightingyyy - Media cointrol dial is too bright and while it can be dimmed if running the software, it probably can't be dimmed if not running the softwareyy - but hard to control. I can find no way to turn off the Whte backlight of the "Print Screen" button, nor change it's coloury - but hard to control. I can find no way to turn off the Whte backlight of the "Print Screen" button, nor change it's colour
Sturdy, pleasantly heavy base?yyyyyy
Hardware-Control for lights On/Off?yYes, Variabley, fixedYes, but very lmitedYes, but confusing/hard-to-useYes, but confusing/hard-to-use
Saving of Lighting Preferences to Hardware Profile, so lighting can be "as desired" when keyboard is in use on a computer not running the software.yes, but a little bit difficultyes, but a little bit difficultNoy - Yes, Easy to UseY
Key Spacing Comfortable?n, Spacing and the angle of th top of the keys makes it hard to key combinations using the Left shift and left Ctrl keys without having to look..I often missed those keys, while attempting to press them in gameKeys slightly too closeYesYesYesYes
Software Easy Enough?Confusing, I couldn't get Macro's working, no in-game or hardware indication of what Profile was currently active (confusing)Necassarily complex, but usableEasy enoughEasy enoughNo - poorly , madey
Softare Highly Functionalyyyyny
Palmwrestnyy - very comfynyy - but too small and not high enough. Not much use. Not a comfortable feeling
Palmwrest is Quick-Release?N/AyyN/Ay - but Palmwrest too shorty
Can I touchtype on it without serious retraining?3/54/5yyyy
Overly Noisey?Yes, people could hear the keys on phonecallNoA littleyyA little
Default Key Setup, results in keys being "pressed" when your fingers are simply resting on the keys but not typeing (makes office use harder)?yynnnn
Analog/Pressure Adjustable Keys?nnyFixed 1.4mm actuation, adjustable "Repeat Delay", "Repeat Rate" and "Cursor Blink Rate"ny - but not direction keys
Required Key Pressure adjustable for use, when not running software?nnPossibly, but not needednN/ANot sure
General Key Layout/Comfort LevelNo problemsEsc key hard-too press because of G-Key location, left shift key is too small and therefore uncomfortable to use with key combinationsNo problemsLayout is fine, but the unusual keycaps that hover above the exposed switches are awkward and sometimes catch on your nails. I took an instant dislike to this keyboard because of these keycaps un-nerving me.It feels cheaply made, but layout is goodNot particularly confortable. Keys are not overly pleasant touch, palmwrest is not pleasant, heigh is not great. -A bad combinatiopn of the palmwrest being to low to offer any support and the total lack of a "bezel" of plastic to the left of the left-most keys, means that unlness my fingers are actually ona set of keys they are pessing, my left hand had a habit of "falling off" the left side of the keyboard on to my desk below. - Which you'd think would be minor, but gets very annoying after a while, and doesn't happen with the other keyboards on test, including the TKL.
USB Passthrough?nyynny
Multi-Height Kickstandnnynnn
USB-C Connection Option Includedynnn
Can keyboard Easily be set to a chosen lighting scheme by default, when the software is not running? (useful for sometimes running the keyboard on a Gaming machine, sometimes on an Office machine)Medium DifficultyMedium Difficultynyn - I can find no way to turn off the lights when not running the softwaren
Does the Keyboard have Dedicated Page Up/Page Down Buttons?yy
Advertised as Water+Dust Resistant?y
Confgurable Locking of Windows Game to stop accidental pressing in-gameyy
Information Screeen Built in to Keyboardnnnnny - but despite much effort, we could not get it to do anything worthwhile
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